Monday, October 14, 2013


I thought I would take the opportune time that I've been given on this lovely October evening (or 4 AM, whatever) to update you a little on the progress of TND.

Firstly, thanks for all of the wonderful feedback many of you have provided. I have been able to get outside of my own head and see Jared and the story as it appeared to you. It has been a trying experience, but it has been very good to hear responses, and I'm glad to know you took the time to let me know what you thought.

While I have taken a little bit of time off of editing, I am back on the horse! Something that I heard a few times from my beta-readers is that at times it felt as if I were telling you what happened, not letting you see it happen. This has been something that initially was a little frustrating, but I think I figured it out.

Many of you know that I started TND as a way to vent some creative juices. What you may not have known is that I never anticipated or intended to write a 300 page novel. My first idea was to write a short story, which is the way that the first 20 chapters is geared toward being. Once I realized this, it has become pretty easy to thicken up the detail while trimming the fat of excess. I want to throw a little shout out to Keary Taylor for being my sounding board and mentor with this editing game.

The other way I release creative energy is music. I have been working on some killer new songs, including one that I wrote for The Nemesis Diary. It's called 'Fire Away' and I think you will dig it. I will post it up as soon as I can.

I am ready to cruise through and add some more pieces to make this worth the time I've put into it. I will be starting a facebook page soon, and I think I will want to send out a few more beta copies. If you know anyone who might be interested in The Nemesis Diary 2.0, let me know. Thanks again for all of the thoughts!